Luke Yamaguchi

Luke is a health educator and wellness consultant dedicated to creating greater well-being in our world through education and empowerment. He is a certified nutritionist, with a keen interest in functional medicine, and the founder of Gut Resolution.

Why are we Vaccinating People on the Brink of Death?

In mid-January 2021, Bloomberg published an article titled Norway Warns of Vaccination Risks for Sick Patients Over 80. According to the article, Norway warned that Covid vaccines may be too risky for the very old and terminally ill. Norwegian officials said 23 people had died in their country a short time after receiving the first dose …

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Covid Vaccines Can Be Deadly For Some

On January 26, Dr. Hooman Noorchashm sent an open letter to the FDA and Pfizer warning of the potential dangers of giving Covid vaccines to people who have already had (or currently have) COVID-19. As a physician-scientist with an MD and PhD in cellular immunology, Dr. Noorchashm based his warning on an “immunological prognostication” outlined below: People …

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Covid-19 vaccine vials

COVID-19 Vaccines: Are They Safe?

12/22/20: Operation Warp Speed Covid-19 vaccines have recently received emergency use authorization by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These novel coronavirus vaccines were developed and approved in less than one year’s time, making them among the fastest vaccines ever made and mass-deployed to the public. Given the breakneck speed of their development and approval, …

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