On April 10, 2022, thousands of concerned citizens gathered to protest vaccine mandates at Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles, California. The daylong rally for medical freedom featured dozens of speakers with live musical performances by a handful of artists. The event was a coming together of people from all walks of life, in defense of the fundamental human right to bodily autonomy and informed consent in medical decision-making.

Among the speaker lineup were individuals who told their personal stories of vaccine injury. Army veteran Ernest Ramirez shared how his previously healthy 16-year-old son died from myocarditis (a known vaccine side-effect) five days after receiving his COVID-19 vaccination.

Stephanie de Garay shared the story of her 13-year-old daughter Maddie – a participant in Pfizer’s clinical trial – who suffered a debilitating and life-altering adverse reaction from her COVID-19 vaccinations. Maddie is now wheelchair bound and requires a feeding tube to eat. Pfizer documented her severe adverse reaction as “functional abdominal pain” (a stomach ache) and paresthesia (pins and needles).

Angelia Desselle was one of the first healthcare workers to go public with her story of COVID-19 vaccine injury. Within hours of receiving her COVID-19 vaccination she started experiencing an adverse reaction that resulted in full-body convulsions, tremors, and severe pain. Angelia posted a video of her full-body tremors on social media that garnered millions of views, but says that she was soon censored and labeled as “misinformation”.

Following these tearful testimonies, Five Times August performed a song titled “Fight For You” for those tragically impacted by COVID-19 vaccine injury.

Five Times August – Fight For You

Courtesy of The Highwire, you can watch a livestream of the entire Defeat The Mandates Los Angeles Rally below.

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