I’ve decided that I won’t be attending nor supporting the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations (MMAMV). The “Millions March” is set to take place at various locations on August 31, 2019 which happens to be Labor Day weekend.

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

– Mother Teresa

Please understand that I am completely in favor of rallying FOR medical freedom and informed consent. But I will not march AGAINST vaccines. This may seem like a subtle difference at first glance, but it is actually a very important distinction to keep in mind. The reason for this is simple: no one can be openly opposed to medical freedom and informed consent, without appearing insane and inhumane. Conversely, it is all too easy to be opposed to those who are “anti-vaccine”, because after all vaccines do save some lives, even if they aren’t completely safe or completely effective.

My other reasons for not wanting to partake in the Millions March is that there are simply too many red flags to ignore. Below are some of the warning signs I see.

Word on the street, is that some of the main organizers for the Millions March are organized controlled opposition. Although I have no definitive evidence to prove this, I also think the Millions March could potentially be a false flag operation. Why? Because, if there turns out to be violence at even just one of the many Millions Marches (say in Texas or Florida), then the mainstream media will grab hold of that story and run with it like a rabid dog, painting the entire medical freedom movement in one broad brush stroke as violent extremism. This “event” can then be used as justification for taking even more draconian measures against us and the medical freedom movement.

Although the march is called the “Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations”, it will be so easy for the mainstream news and media to simply drop the word “mandatory” and instead call it the “Millions March Against Vaccines”. At that point, everyone associated with the march will be labeled “anti-vaccine”, or an “anti-vaxxer” for short. It’s a trap and people will have marched right into it.

Why do you think there might be violence at the Millions March?

Two of the main organizers of the Millions March are “Allie French” and “Mediocris Kevin” (aka Kevin Tuttle). Kevin Tuttle has over 12 years of Public Relations experience working in the U.S. government and military, and he describes himself in his Facebook profile intro as being “dangerous and irresponsible”.

Meanwhile, Allie French appears to be promoting concealed carry to the march and has a meme stating that we should be shooting “guns and whiskey”.

I don’t know about you, but these are not the kind of people I would want organizing marches for any movement that I care deeply about. Every rally for medical freedom that I have attended has always been a family-friendly event. People bring their babies and children. It feels safe. Shooting guns and whiskey, bringing concealed carry, and being dangerous and irresponsible are all things that I want absolutely no part of whatsoever.

Any other red flags?

Google, who has been censoring “anti-vaccine” content like there is no tomorrow, is publicizing the Millions March Against (Mandatory) Vaccines through its autocomplete. This is not a good sign for the medical freedom movement. In case you haven’t heard the news, Google is now a pharmaceutical company. They are promoting a pharmaceutical agenda. So, why would Google suddenly pull a 180 and publicize a march AGAINST vaccines? This doesn’t make any sense at all. Unless this is a false flag operation, and then it makes perfect sense. In fact, that is the only way I can make sense of this situation.

Note that other search engines like DuckDuckGo and Yahoo are not promoting the Millions March Against (Mandatory) Vaccines through their autocomplete.

Thankfully, I am not alone in my thinking. Children’s Health Defense (CHD) recently issued a formal statement regarding the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations:

“CHD is not a sponsor nor an organizer of the Millions March and is not affiliated in any way with the organizers of the event… we do not support the march.”

Virginians for Medical Freedom appear to have created a formal petition disavowing the Millions March. The Florida Freedom Alliance (FFA) has also issued a statement distancing themselves from the Millions March stating: “FFA shall not be held liable for any claims arising as a result of participation in the Millions March, regardless of location.”

Informed Choice Washington quoting Health Freedom Idaho has stated: “We did check into things a bit more closely and simply decided, along with leaders in 31+ other registered state organizations, to decline organizing for the Millions March event at this time. Security concerns, messaging concerns relevant to each state’s needs, short time frame, high cost, detracting from the VIE DC event already being planned, bad timing and their handling of dealing with existing organizations were the main reasons discussed… we feel that caution is warranted.” (emphasis mine)

Millions March alternatives

In light of safety and security concerns, Oregonians for Medical Freedom Executive Director Charissa Hatten released the following statement: “Oregonians for Medical Freedom, along with many other registered state organizations is excited to focus on, support and participate in the National VIE Event in Washington DC this November.”

Obviously, I won’t be participating in the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccines in any way, shape, or form. But I’ll still be working over the summer to advocate for our fundamental human rights to medical freedom and informed consent. I’ll be speaking and presenting at vaccine education seminars, working together with my local state medical freedom advocacy organization, and meeting with my state legislators over the summer to promote medical freedom and informed consent.

Of course, I recognize that we each need to make our own decisions in life. I pray that whatever decision you make is the best one for you, your family, and the medical freedom movement as a whole.