Here’s an update on the alarming number of Covid vaccine and mask mandates enacted by Oregon Governor Kate Brown in just the past month.

On June 30 (less than two months ago) Governor Kate Brown ended Oregon’s mask and social-distancing mandates, effectively putting an end to most COVID-19 restrictions in the state. At that time, Oregon Health Authority Director Patrick Allen said:

Going forward, it will be up to county commissioners, who act as local health boards, and local public health officials to intervene to slow the spread of COVID-19… Counties will be responsible for implementing social distancing and mask requirements, should the need arise.

-OHA Director Patrick Allen

But that statement turned out to be a lie.

Mask Mandate Madness

On July 29, Governor Brown directed the Oregon Health Authority to create a rule requiring masks indoors for K-12 schools across the state for the upcoming 2021-22 school year.

On August 13, Governor Brown once again instituted a statewide indoor mask mandate, requiring Oregonians to wear face masks in all indoor public spaces, regardless of their Covid vaccination status.

On August 24, Governor Brown announced that Oregonians will once again have to wear masks in most outdoor public settings as well, regardless of their Covid vaccination status, beginning August 27.

Covid Vaccinated Individuals Are Contagious

These mask mandates are because data out of the CDC has shown that fully vaccinated individuals can spread COVID-19 to others, as Covid vaccines do not prevent infection and transmission of the virus.

Because Covid vaccines are unable to prevent infection and transmission of SARS-CoV-2, vaccine experts are now warning that herd immunity against COVID is “not a possibility” and should be thought of as a mythical goal that will never be reached.

Vaccine Mandate Madness

On August 10, Governor Brown announced that State of Oregon employees will be required to be fully vaccinated by October 18.

This requirement will apply to executive branch employees, including employees working for all Oregon state agencies. Employees will be required to show proof of vaccination by the deadline. Individuals unable to be vaccinated due to disability or sincerely held religious beliefs may be able to quality for an exemption, as required by state and federal law. State of Oregon employees will not have the option of weekly testing instead of showing proof of vaccination. The vaccination requirement does not apply to employees of Oregon’s legislative and judicial branches of government, though the Governor is encouraging the leadership of both branches to consider a similar requirement.

On August 19, following on the heels of the vaccine mandate for state workers, Governor Brown announced a new policy mandating Covid vaccines for all K-12 school teachers and staff members.

Furthermore, Governor Brown announced that all Oregon healthcare workers will be mandated to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to keep their jobs. Previously, healthcare workers could submit to weekly testing if they choose not to get vaccinated, but Governor Brown said that option was no longer feasible because of system-wide resource strain. Plus, she said, the state needs every frontline healthcare worker healthy and available to treat patients.

Meanwhile, the Oregon Nurses Association voiced concerns over the Covid vaccine mandate for front-line healthcare workers imposed by Governor Brown. ONA President Lynda Pond said there are worries that the vaccine mandate will exacerbate a nurse staffing crisis.

“That is already putting a huge strain on the backs of the nurses. And now, you have nurses that are saying if this mandate goes through, I’m going to leave. And if my hospital forces me to get the vaccine, I am going to leave the bedside.”

-ONA President Lynda Pond

Oregonians Push Back Against Mandates

On August 14, an estimated 1,000 people gathered at the Oregon Capitol to protest Governor Kate Brown’s mask and vaccine mandates. Here’s a photojournalistic piece documenting that rally for medical freedom.

What Can You Do To Make A Difference?

If you’re tired of Governor Kate Brown’s mandatory mask and vaccine edicts, please take a stand and make your voices heard. Contact your state representative and local senator and tell them what you think of Governor Brown’s edicts.

Also, please join forces with Oregonians For Medical Freedom and sign up for their email newsletter to find out how you can advocate for bodily autonomy and informed consent in Oregon.

Finally, please consider supporting Marc Thielman who is running for Oregon Governor and who has been an ally and staunch supporter of medical freedom and informed consent. You can find out more about his campaign at:

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