On September 18, over a thousand concerned citizens gathered at the Oregon State Capitol to protest Governor Kate Brown’s Covid vaccine mandates. Governor Brown has recently mandated Covid vaccinations for healthcare workers, K-12 school teachers and staff, and executive branch state employees.

Protestors hold signs reading “Freedom Not Force” and “Stop Government Over-reach”

The “Freedom From Vaccine Mandates Rally” was organized by America First Oregonians and Oregonians For America. Luke Yamaguchi, a functional nutritionist in Albany, spoke on behalf of Oregonians For Medical Freedom who sponsored the event. He opined: “It should go without saying that mandated medicine has no place in a free country.”

Luke Yamaguchi, speaking to a large audience, argues that mandatory Covid vaccination policies epitomize institutional racism and promote discrimination and segregation.

Protestors at the event seemed to encompass a wide-range of demographics with medical professionals, educators, pastors, emergency service workers and state employees in attendance.

Protestors hold a sign reading “Lefties for Medical Freedom”

Healthcare workers, in a sign of resignation, left their shoes in front of the chainlink fence blocking the entrance of the Capitol Building.

After two-hours of speeches, protestors marched around the Oregon State Capitol Building in a peaceful demonstration calling for medical freedom.

Some demonstrators chant “My body, my choice!” in opposition to Covid vaccine mandates.

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