Rally for Medical Freedom in Salem, Oregon

August 14, 2021: Hundreds of concerned citizens gathered at the Oregon Capitol to rally for medical freedom in protest of Governor Kate Brown’s recent mandatory face mask and Covid vaccine policies.

The protest comes one day after Governor Brown reinstated indoor face mask mandates throughout the state. Two weeks earlier, Governor Brown directed the Oregon Department of Education to create a rule requiring face masks indoors for grades K-12 for the upcoming school year.

Governor Brown also recently announced that all state workers will need to be fully Covid vaccinated by October 18, or six weeks after Covid vaccines receive full FDA approval (Covid vaccines currently only have emergency use authorization and have yet to be formally licensed and approved by the FDA).

Furthermore, Governor Brown directed the Oregon Health Authority to issue a new rule requiring healthcare personnel to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or else undergo weekly Covid testing. Failure to adhere to this rule is subject to civil penalties of $500 per day per violation beginning September 30, 2021.

Oregonians unhappy with Kate Brown’s mandatory Covid vaccine and face mask policies gathered in solidarity, with some openly expressing their discontent for the governor.

Many participants at the rally expressed concern over the safety of Covid vaccines. One nurse referenced Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data that showed a concerning number of deaths following Covid vaccination reported to the FDA.

The lack of liability on the part of vaccine manufacturers was another reason cited as contributing to vaccine hesitancy. If a person who got a Covid shot experienced a serious adverse reaction, they would be unable to sue the vaccine manufacturer for damages and would not be entitled to any compensation.

On the whole, the rally was a family-friendly event with many children in attendance. The atmosphere was largely one of peaceful protest.

20 thoughts on “Rally for Medical Freedom in Salem, Oregon”

  1. Thank you for spreading excellent coverage like this for those who do not get any news from any news outlet. I appreciate your passion to get this info out to whoever will listen, including me (an FNTP) and my family. You are doing great work. I was very interested in your interview on Against the Wind, http://www.DoctorsAndScience.com, many weeks ago.

  2. Rosalie Schreiber

    Thank you Luke for all you do to protect others from the vaccine Nazi’s, this is a fully treatable disease and preventable… vaccines kill natural immunity and are not the solution mostly d/t the toxic preservatives added only for shelf life to get more money out of it they are willing to kill and ruin the sheep and are allowed and promoted as the only way…

  3. The fact that these injections are entirely experimental and the manufacturers are shielded from ANY and ALL liability should be enough to give anyone pause for thought. And the audacity of certain officials to mandate them when VAERS deaths and injuries continue to increase is nothing short of evil. Protests all over the world because most governments do not represent their people anymore, if they ever did.

    1. Sara, Monday, Aug. 23rd at 4:30 pm, there is another protest in front of the OR Nurses Association. Join us! All are welcome, bring signs.

    2. Luna Basheve-Singer

      I’m in Corvallis and also feel alone. I wonder if we can start a group to support everyone in Oregon who agrees with us? But not on Facebook or other social media. Maybe we can just have an email list. Or meet up somewhere.

  4. Thank you for the uplifting content! Excited to see the conversation that is to be had. The powers that are currently ruling against their constituents best interests, shall be made to defend each and every mandate and back it up with the science they claim to hold. Lies comes quick but when truth arrives it stands above the chatter, and shines light exposing the shadows.

  5. Luna Basheve-Singer

    Everyone, please email all Democrat state legislators and tell them to NOT vote for vaccine passports/required vaccine records. We must stop that from ever happening! Make sure to tell them that you will not vote for the Democratic party if they don’t end end covid restrictions.

  6. Thank you so much for the great reporting! It REALLY warms my heart seeing my fellow Oregonians rallying for freedom! I am Oregonian born and raised. It has been really heart wrenching watching Oregon fall into politically charged medical tyrany. I did not find an active Health Freedom Organization in my time there. Oregonians for Medical Freedom never seemed to have anything on their calendar. It seems like they would organize a monthy dinner or potluck /meeting to meet like- thinking folks. Stand for Health Freedom has better links to actions you can take like contacting representatives. I wish I could be there in solidarity! My wife and I moved our family to Costa Rica about 2 months ago, we felt this second wave coming. Thanks Luke and The Highwire for covering this rally!

    1. Hi Johnny, we’re doing our best to organize and push back against Governor Kate Brown’s medical tyranny. Oregonians For Medical Freedom recently went through a transition of their board members (lots of freedom-loving people like yourself have left the state for greener (or redder) pastures. I’m currently working on getting the calendar of events updated for Oregonians For Medical Freedom, it is still an active group and the new board of directors are currently working behind the scenes to do everything we can to fight for medical freedom and the right to informed consent in medicine.

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